Beware and updating information

Please note the following points:

  1. All proposed lists of references are non-exhaustive. References are presented in reverse chronological order, never according to their scientific value.

  2. As the job of collecting data has been performed by a single person, it is unavoidable that unfortunately, some items are missing from the given lists. There are multiple reasons to that: often the author had no knowledge about the missing items, sometimes access to most recent publications has been restricted (or the available data were not enough to include them in the list), and finally, in order to preserve a shorter list, often the choice of neglecting papers published more than 10 – 20 years ago has been adopted.

    Nevertheless, I can understand that some authors may feel uncomfortable not to find their papers or books on this site. Hence, I strongly encourage them to send me the missing information (particularly recent publications) formatted according to the following point.

  3. To accelerate the updating process, please present your contribution with the same syntax as that adopted in the targeted list. For papers, please use Arial fonts size=12, title in Bold and Italic, year of publication in Bold, etc and don't forget to indicate the DOI for papers (or the ISBN for books).  Thank you!

  4. Sometimes the choice to put a particular list into one category or another has been difficult. For instance, most of the papers of the list on Image Processing consider that image degradation is due either to the effect of intrinsic noise or to the noise coupled from nearby systems. According to the former criterion, they must belong to Intrinsic Noise section, but considering the latter criterion, it is more appropriate to include them into the Signal Integrity division. Since most recent papers refer to noise coupled from neighbouring, the choice has been to put the Image Processing file into the Signal Integrity section.

    Consequently, when you didn't find what you need in one section, please check the other section too.

  5. All feedback is welcome. Please don't hesitate to express your opinion, suggestions, etc.  

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